Got him — got Dominic Pistilli … I think …

Here’s the relevant manifest of the Marco Minghetti [click for picture] at I’ll save it and link it in. Meeting his brother Aniceto absolutely, in Philadelphia. The 1226 Market St. address is not the one that I found them at in 1940 (and it’s an incredibly improbable location since it’s smack in the middle of Center City). In 1940, they were at 1323 10th Street. So still a bit of something to reconcile, and that might invalidate things. But the fact that he was meeting a brother named “Aniceto Pistilli” is enormously persuasive, given how rare that name is. (As a result, I think that this manifest is slightly less conclusive than the two others, which are rock-solid.)

ETA: Here’s the manifest, which it turns out was available at, although it didn’t come up there because his name was incorrectly entered. (For some reason, his name was correctly entered at Castle Garden.) Date is given as May 15, 1900.

Line 29, the second to the last name

Line 29, the second to the last name

[Click to see full size]

The odd thing is there is some gobbledegook near his first name that looks like the names Antonio and Emidio written down. Whether those are middle names or what, I have no idea. More to investigate.

He’s also shown as married, which makes sense given that he, Maddalena, and their oldest two kids were born in Italy.

I didn’t find him in the database at Ellis initially, so I didn’t think to keep looking. He did make it into the database at Castle Garden, which doesn’t link manifest images, so I figured that the manifest image was unavailable, either there or at Ellis. It wasn’t until I searched by ship that I realized that the manifest in question was there and that once again, the name had not been entered properly. (Nor had the town; it’s clearly “Atessa” on the manifest but was entered as “Alesso.”)

You really do have to be into puzzles to do this. First, I didn’t know Castle Garden existed. Then, I found a Domenico Pistilli from Atessa at Castle Garden, meeting the brother in Philadelphia “Amato” and coming in on the Marco Minghetti. There was no link to images of the manifest, so that was when I wrote to NARA in New York and asked, figuring that that was the only way to see the image and verify that brother’s name.

Then, I looked at the Ellis website and saw that they had searches on the ship names. I was just thinking I could see a picture of the Marco Minghetti, but then saw that they listed manifests, and that they had the actual image of the manifest I was interested in, the 15 May one. Looks like they have it listed for Boulogne-sur-Mer, Genova, Naples, and Palermo, which makes me think that the Marco Minghetti left southern France and bounced along the coast to Palermo (or maybe the other way around, who knows), picking people up the whole way, and then started off across the Atlantic.

Interested to see a few more “Cicchettis” from Atessa on the manifest as well, and evidently just ahead of Domenico Pistilli in line …

BTW, there were over five hundred people on that ship. Holy crap on a crutch.

Here’s the dude it was named after.


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